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This blog has been translated from a dog’s barking into English for your reading convenience.

Hey there, pet lovers. I’m Rex the family dog. When my family plans a vacation to Hilton Head, they always bring me along for the fun. But according to other families I’ve heard talking about it (We hear everything and so think twice next time you talk about the V-E-T. We can spell too, the translator is just a formality.) they hesitate to bring along their furry family member along because they just don’t know if pets as welcome…

The biggest misconception about planning a vacation is that your pet won’t be welcome everywhere you go. With Vagabond Cruise, pets are finally free to come along for the many adventures to be had in Hilton Head. Here’s some tips on planning accommodations and activities that are great for the extended, four-legged family.

This ball isn’t going to throw itself…

Hilton Head Island Accommodations & Resources

Before you call the dog sitter that’s going to use your house for a party, here’s two great tools to use when planning your trip: Go Pet Friendly and Bring Fido. These links will send you to the search results for Hilton Head pet friendly housing. Fetch (I’ve always wanted to say that).


Ocean Dolphin Cruise

Bring the barker with you on a 90 minute, narrated cruise through the Calibogue Sound to the head waters of the Atlantic Ocean where you’re guaranteed a dolphin sighting. I heard they call dolphins the dogs of the sea and no I didn’t just make that up.

Crabbing Expedition

a close up of a hand holding a crab

Don’t forget the doggie for 2 hours at sea on the Tammy Jane where you’ll learn about the crabbing, fishing, and shrimping industry on HHI. Learn how to bait a crab pot and help the crew pull it onto the ship deck to sort out the catch. I bet AirBud would fit right in with the crew. He always does, that son of a gun.

Shrimp Trawler

a small boat in a large body of water

Carry the canine to the Tammy Jane for a 2 hour shrimp search. You’ll learn about the healthy salt marsh environment and various ecosystems we bring to our supper tables. The shrimp caught on the tour is packaged and given to guests. Throw some in my bowl and I’ll give you a present later too.

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