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ZipLine Hilton Head 2 Hour Tour Image 1

Ziplining was an idea that was being toyed around for years after someone witnessed a clothes hanger attach itself to a telephone wire on a windy day in the early 1800’s. It was then formally invented for recreation in the 1970’s Costa Rica but PERFECTED at Zipline Hilton Head.

a man jumping in the air

Zipline Hilton Head is the perfect getaway from the ground and a thrill for the entire family. A highlight of Broad Creek Marina Adventures, come as close to flying as humans can in an exhilarating 2 hour eco-adventure and tour from the tree canopy. See stunning views of the water, boats, and marshes.

It takes up to 8 people in a group zipping along tree platforms with two guides. Every tour includes a training session to begin. Once you’re harnessed with state-of-the-art adventure course equipment, your tour is guided by not 1 but 2 of our professionally trained guides for the duration. They make sure that you’re comfortable and prepared for the adventure that awaits you!

It’s a unique journey of soaring through massive live oaks and commanding pines. Flying on 8 ziplines of up to 75 feet, you’ll overlook glistening Broad Creek’s boating community and marshes. And for the finale, race your family members on a 900 foot long dual zipline. Last one there is a rotten egg.

Check out what the people are saying:

“THE best ZIPLINE I’ve ever been on and the 2 guides we had Tucker and Jordan were hysterical and very informative!! 11/10 will definitely be doing again 💁

– Tamara Johnson, Google Reviews

“This place was so fun! Our tour guides Tucker & Jordan were awesome and had great senses of humor. Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve done since living in GA. There is a racing zip at the end if you do the 2 hour tour!”

– Karlee Hill, Google Reviews

“Super fun adventure with great employees that keep you safe. There are over 8 Ziplines and 2 swinging bridges on the tour that takes about an hour and a half after the 30 minutes of instruction. You have to make sure you can make it up about 250 total steps for the day! But it’s definitely a fun trip with great scenery would recommend.”

– Tamara Gardner, Google Reviews Local Guide

For other safety questions checkout the link below. 👇