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Sunset is the only time of day where everything around us shimmers a golden hue. But it’s true that while we love sunsets, we often forget to make the most of them. Booking your very own Hilton Head sunset experience is a great idea for couples and a perfect setting for a proposal. Ladies, drop the hint by linking your man to this article. Men, applaud your woman for making your life so much easier.

I’ve staked out every day this year and I’ll be the first to tell you: Hilton Head’s sunsets never fail to amaze, dazzle, and give a grand finale to the daylight.


Sunset Dinner Cruise (upper deck outside or lower deck inside seating)

Features a two hour journey through intercostal waterways and a low-country menu dinner you won’t soon forget. From the upper deck, observe wildlife in an open air environment. From the lower deck, enjoy the same experience in a temperature controlled space. Stuck on picking which to go with? Flip a coin. Can’t find a coin? Check the return coin slot in a vending machine. Always somethin’ in there.

The Sunset Dinner Cruise is a romantic excursion unlike any other.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise (departing Harbour Town)

Explore the estuaries of Bull Island and encounter the wild dolphin schools that call these waters home. Narrated by a naturalist tour guide captain that finds the most active coves that go unnoticed by other captains. Sunset in the background, wildlife in the foreground, this is living. Leave your troubles at the dock.

Harbour Town

Dolphin coming to the surface for some air (I don’t know, I’m not a scientist).

Sunset Sail (America’s Cup Sailing)

All aboard the Stars & Stripes! Saltwater marshes, Daufuskie Island, and the majestic sea spray (that’s impossible to recreate at home with a spray bottle) await. Nothing comes close to sailing in to endless horizon on Hilton Head waters in the late evening. Brushing up on your sailing while make legendary former-skipper Dennis Connor and your in-laws proud.

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream” – Bernard Williams

Written By: Robert Crizz
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